RPM Indicator

Indu RPM indicator is an electronic device, which mimics classical RPM instrument construction and combines it with the state of the art electronics. This results in the best of both worlds; a perfect and intuitive analogue reading combined with high precision of modern electronics.

We take great care to design our instruments lightweight and slim as possible. RPM only weighs 210 g.


RPM signal input

The RPM signal is obtained from RPM sensor. Most of the engines are already equipped with such sensor. Refer to your engine manual for wiring.

CAN bus connection

When connected to a CAN bus instrument outputs RPM and engine hours data which can be used by other Kanardia devices.

230° Linear scale

Display is divided linearly in 230° scale with colour LCD display in the center.

Different scales

There are three standard scale configurations for each size of instrument: D-motor, Lycoming and Rotax. Custom scale is also avaliable on request.

Colour LCD display

RPM information is also shown on a colour LCD display.

Different display configurations

There are three display configurations for RPM. Configuration must be specified at the time of order.

Visual warnings

RPM can be configured to show two types of warnings on LCD display: RPM yellow zone; RPM red zone.

Engine time recorder (optional)

Instrument measures and stores engine running time on integrated memory module. The engine time value is displayed on LCD display.

Rotor RPM (optional)

Instrument is modified to support two RPM sensors. Engine RPM value is presented by the mechanical needle while the rotor RPM value is displayed on LCD display.

Slave unit

Round slave RPM indicator. Requires DAQU to be present on the CAN bus.