French Translation for Horis Manual

22 April 2024 0Comment

We have published the French translation of the Horis manual R4.0. It is accessible under the “Documentation” tab on our website. Direct link “here“. We would like to thank Mr. Bruno Laverlochere for the translation. Next month, we will also publish the French translation of the Nesis user manual.

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Notice: Kanja Currently Available Only via Direct Download Link

15 April 2024 0Comment

Typically, one would acquire Kanja by searching for “Kanardia Kanja,” but it appears that our Google account has been deleted. Unfortunately, resolving this issue may take some time. In the meantime, the only solution is to download it directly.

You can access it here: KanjaApp download link.

Once the solution is implemented, we will promptly notify you. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Kanardia Team

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Updated Raster Maps from DFS for Portugal and Spain Now Available!

25 March 2024 0Comment

We’re excited to announce the latest updates to our raster maps covering Portugal and Spain. Visit the following link to explore. Check out updates for other countries on the list available at the following link. Explore now!

Kanardia Team

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Updated Aviation Data for Nesis & Aetos Instruments

29 February 2024 0Comment

We’ve updated data files for Nesis and Aetos instruments. Access the improved files here for enhanced aviation performance.

*The image is symbolic.

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FAA Maps Update

12 February 2024 0Comment

We are pleased to inform you that our FAA maps have been successfully updated! Discover the most recent aviation information by visiting the link below. Ensure a safe and smooth flight experience.

[Explore Updated FAA Maps]

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Horis 80 v2: Elevating Your Flight Experience with Powerful Upgrades

24 January 2024 0Comment

Unlock the future of aviation with Horis 80 v2 by Kanardia. This enhanced avionics masterpiece boasts several key improvements, including:

  • Versatile SD Card Slot: Seamlessly manage, transfer, and update critical flight data, serving both as an integrated slot and for versatile functionality. Easily update your system and transfer logbook data using the convenient SD card option.
  • Improved Current and Voltage Protection: Ensuring a safer and more reliable journey.
  • Prominent Optional Backup Battery: Choose extended flight confidence with the added security of backup power.
    • Battery Endurance of at Least 1 Hour: Your safety, our priority.
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Unveiling Kanardia’s 2024 Avionics Catalog

16 January 2024 0Comment

Dear Aviation Enthusiasts,

We are pleased to announce the release of our latest catalog for 2024. This catalog represents our commitment to providing innovative solutions for your flying needs.

Discover a range of products, including:

  • Modern Flight Instruments
  • Enhanced Navigation Systems
  • Reliable Engine Monitoring Solutions

To stay updated with the latest in aviation technology, download our 2024 catalog today.

[Link to Catalog Download]

Thank you for choosing Kanardia!

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Happy Holidays from Kanardia: Soaring into a Bright New Year!

18 December 2023 0Comment

As we approach the end of another incredible year, the entire Kanardia team wants to extend our deepest gratitude for your unwavering support. Your passion for aviation and commitment to excellence have made this journey truly remarkable.

This holiday season, we wish you moments of joy, laughter, and reflection with loved ones. May the New Year bring you exciting adventures, prosperity, and success.

Please be advised that Kanardia will be taking a well-deserved break from December 25th to 26th and January 1st to 2nd. Our team will return recharged and ready to continue elevating your aviation experience.

Thank you for being an integral part of our aviation community. Here’s to soaring to new heights together in the coming year!

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FAA Maps Update

06 December 2023 0Comment

We are pleased to inform you that our FAA maps have been successfully updated! Discover the most recent aviation information by visiting the link below. Ensure a safe and smooth flight experience.

[Explore Updated FAA Maps]

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Exciting News: Introducing Checklist feature in Spring 2024!

08 November 2023 0Comment

Get ready for a game-changing feature from Kanardia d.o.o. Designed for ultralight airplanes and gyrocopters, our Checklist is set to revolutionize your flying experience.

Customize Your Checklist:

With our easy-to-use Checklist Editor, you’ll have the power to create your very own personalized checklists. Tailor them to your unique needs and preferences.

Safety First:

A flight checklist is a critical component of aviation safety, ensuring the smooth and secure operation of your aircraft. Our tool guides you through a series of essential tasks in a precise order.

Spoken Guidance:

Enjoy the convenience of spoken checklists in your preferred language. Stay focused on your flight while receiving step-by-step instructions.

Confirmation at Every Step:

Confirm each task as you go, guaranteeing that nothing is overlooked. A proactive approach to aviation safety.

Stay tuned for the Checklist Editor’s launch in Spring 2024. Elevate your flying experience with Kanardia d.o.o. – Your Partner in Aviation Excellence!

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