Digi, an affordable engine information system which can be used as a standalone instrument or in conjunction with Nesis, Aetos or Emsis.

We take great care to design our instruments lightweight and slim as possible. Digi only weighs 140 g.


DIGI as standalone engine monitoring system (EMS) can show:

  • CHTs,
  • EGTs,
  • engine RPM,
  • rotor RPM,
  • fuel flow,
  • fuel level (up to two tanks),
  • alternator and battery current,
  • voltage,
  • oil pressure,
  • oil temperature,
  • water (coolant) temperature,
  • airbox temperature,
  • engine time,
  • manifold pressure,
  • pneumatic pressure.

CAN connection

Digi will receive engine parameters and transmit them to other instruments connected to the bus.

Visual warnings

Digi will show visual warnings if the limit is exceeded.

Various forms of data display

Digi can be configured to show various forms of data display.

Various layouts of data display

Magni gyrocopter layout

DTA gyrocopter layout

Carat motorglider layout

Grob 109 airplane layout

Roko Airplanes layout

Pipistrel Alpha Trainer layout