Advanced and highly specialized engine control system for Rotax 912 engines.

The system comes in a kit for retrofiting Rotax 912UL or 912ULS engine with modern injection system.

Main Features

  • Optimized ignition for more power
  • Optimal injection for lower fuel consumption
  • Lower emissions
  • Additional sensors could be installed

Separated fuel system

Primary and backup fuel systems are completely separated from each other.

5 (Five) Injectors

Each fuel pump supplies fuel to a primary injectors on each cylinder intake or to a single injector supplying air/fuel mixture to all cylinders.

Advanced diagnostics

Multiple sensors are constantly monitored for any sign of malfunction of the engine. In the case of detected electronics of fuel system problems the control is automatically handles to backup computer.

High quality fuel system

Remi is using only the highest quality fuel system parts. From pumps to filters and piping.

Precise sensors

Remi is using high quality sensors and precise parts to be as safe as possible.

Multi ECU design

What looks like a single ECU it is actually 4 CPU solution. In single box there are:

  • Main ECU
  • Backup ECU
  • Supervisor
  • Engine monitor