Aviation data files for Nesis & Aetos instruments. Select Options page and use Transfer to install the file into your Nesis/Aetos. The latest database is always on the top of the list and it contains all the data needed to update your Nesis I, II, III and Aetos instrument.

Avio-1913.0.kus 1913.0 21 Jan 2020 14.61 MB
Avio-1911.11.kus 1911.11 11 Oct 2019 17.63 MB
Avio-1908.0.kus 1908.0 7 Oct 2019 17.60 MB
Avio-1907.0.kus 1907.0 7 Oct 2019 17.41 MB
Avio-1904.0.kus 1904.0 2 Apr 2019 17.41 MB

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