Daqu is a data acquisition unit, designed especially for monitoring engine parameters. It provides info for Nesis, Emsis, Aetos and Digi devices. Daqu also fully supports Rotax iS engine.

We take great care to design our instruments lightweight and slim as possible. Daqu only weighs 135 g.


Daqu has 21 analog channels and three digital channels, which can be used to support the following functions:

  • engine RPM
  • rotor RPM,
  • EGT,
  • CHT,
  • manifold pressure (special connector),
  • fuel flow (algebraic or up to two sensors),
  • oil pressure,
  • oil temperature,
  • coolant (water) temperature,
  • gearbox temperature,
  • airbox temperature,
  • fuel level (two tanks),
  • fuel pressure,
  • voltage,
  • altenator current,
  • battery current,
  • pneumatic or hydraulic pressure,
  • carburetor temperature,
  • trim position,
  • flap position.

CAN bus connection

Daqu reads various engine sensors, processes the readings and transmits them to other units/instruments.

Intake manifold sensor

Daqu has a built in sensor that is used to measure the intake manifold pressure.

Analog A channels

Analog channels with -2.5 V to +2.5 V input, which are typically used to connect resistive sensors and thermocouples.

Analog B, D, E channels

Analog channels with 0 to +5 V input, used to read active sensors.

Analog C channel

Analog channel with 0 to +30 V input, used to read higher voltage levels.

Digital Z, Y channels

Digital channels used to measure time between pulses, such as engine or rotor RPM signals or fuel flow.

Rotax 912 iS Engine - mini Daqu

When only limited additional channels are needed besides the information already provided by Rotax 912 iS ECU, you may consider using mini Daqu, which was designed exactly for this purpose.