Nesis III software update 3.6.0 22 Jan 2020 97.32 MB
Software update for Nesis III instruments. For more information please see changelog.
Aetos Software update 3.6.0 21 Jan 2020 66.76 MB
Software update for Aetos instrument. For more information please see changelog.
Nesis I and II software update 2.15.11 29 Aug 2019 54.77 MB
Fix for GPS week roll-over problem was released.
Kanja v3.5 android 3.5 22 Aug 2019 13.54 MB
Kanja v3.5 android application for configuration of Kanardia instruments via bluetooth interface BLU.
EMSIS software update 3.4.2 8 May 2019 3.15 MB
EMSIS software may 2019 update for all EMSIS versions. Copy this file to a micro SD card. You can find more details in the manual.

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