Service Bulletins

Dynamic Pressure CheckAOct 2023
All products delivered after 1.1.2023 shall be checked/adjusted for dynamic pressure offset at least twice every year.
Nesis III Firmware Update FailAFeb 2023
In rare cases, the update gets stuck and Nesis/Aetos tries to repeat this process over and over again. It seems only that CAN devices with the same underlying type are affected and only if more than one such device are present on the CAN bus at the same time. For example: two SERUs, two JOYUs, two or more INDUs
Nesis III 8.4" Sporadic Touch-Screen IssueANov 2022
Nesis 8.4" random screen switching or random menu selections. It seems like the touch screen controller is sending some sporadic commands.
Daqu 3.0 Circuit Repair- RPM value issueANov 2022
Daqu 3.0 (specific serial numbers) has a hardware issue that shows the wrong RPM value. There is a problem with the diode orientation and resistor position.
Nesis/Aetos Engine Indication Reorder After Update 3.9CApr 2022
Engine instrument reordering and red cross appearance after update to 3.9
Nesis/Aetos Black Screen1.1Apr 2022
Nesis/Aetos do not want to start and they only show a black screen but they still consume some power.
GPS week rollover problem2019/01Apr 2019
Wrong date indication on Nesis and Emsis units
Horis 80 malfunction2018/01Jan 2018
Horis 80 malfunction with software 3.0 and 3.1
Nesis Fuel Level2019/02Jul 2019
Nesis II and Nesis III wrong fuel level indication after the update.

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