Service Bulletins

Nesis III 8.4" Sporadic Touch-Screen IssueANov 2022
Nesis 8.4" random screen switching or random menu selections. It seems like the touch screen controller is sending some sporadic commands.
Daqu 3.0 Circuit Repair- RPM value issueANov 2022
Daqu 3.0 (specific serial numbers) has a hardware issue that shows the wrong RPM value. There is a problem with the diode orientation and resistor position.
Nesis/Aetos Engine Indication Reorder After Update 3.9CApr 2022
Engine instrument reordering and red cross appearance after update to 3.9
Nesis/Aetos Black Screen1.1Apr 2022
Nesis/Aetos do not want to start and they only show a black screen but they still consume some power.
GPS week rollover problem2019/01Apr 2019
Wrong date indication on Nesis and Emsis units
Horis 80 malfunction2018/01Jan 2018
Horis 80 malfunction with software 3.0 and 3.1
Nesis Fuel Level2019/02Jul 2019
Nesis II and Nesis III wrong fuel level indication after the update.

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