Aetos, flight and engine system for the ultralight airplanes, autogyros and helicopters. As oppose to Nesis, Aetos does not support flight maps. The Aetos is a self-contained state-of-the-art EFIS instrument optimized for ultralight aircrafts.

We take great care to design our instruments lightweight and slim as possible. Aetos only weighs 700 g.


7" display

Large 7" sunlight-readable display with high contrast.

Autopilot ready

With two servo motors (SERU) attached, you can use Aetos as a main device for controlling your autopilot.

Passive cooling

Low power consumption even at high brightness. This allows passive cooling without any ventilators.

Audio output

Aetos gives out many warnings. You can hear them by connecting Aetos with your audio panel with a standard 3.5 mm jack.

Operational with a stick (optional)

Joyu command stick and Boxi by Kanardia.

You can operate Aetos through our CAN bus with a command stick (JOYU). With (BOXI) you control pitch and roll, electrical trims and radio transmission.

Carbon monoxide detector (optional)

Built in carbon monoxide detector that gives a warning before the CO builds up to dangerous levels.

Dual kit

Dual display, doubles your options. Secondary Aetos is equivalent and can be used by a co-pilot or just as an extension, as a flight information system (EFIS), engine information system (EMS) or both.

Integrated GPS/AHRS/Pitot

Aetos has a built in global positioning system, an altitude and heading reference system, pressure measurement system and much more.

ADS-B & Flarm support

By connecting ADS-B & Flarm, Aetos will show traffic on the navigation screen.

PFD screen

Primary flight display screen is composed of a background image and an overlay.

PFD & EMS screen

The primary flight display combined with engine monitoring screen displays various engine and fuel related parameters.