Coronavirus Statement

To our valued customers,

At Kanardia, the health and well-being of our employees and customers are our top priority. We understand the concern around the coronavirus (COVID-19) situation and we are following the advice from our government and health authorities on how best to protect our team.

As an international company, we work with online orders. This means that there is no direct human contact with our customers. We would like you to know that ordering and customer support work as usual. There are no delays in production and shipping, but deliveries may be impacted in some countries. You can order from your nearest dealer or contact our sales team directly.

Our Company is in good health. We have enough strategic material on stock for at least 6 months of full production. The stock of some material like LCD displays is for about 1 year of normal production. We have enough financial reserves to keep our employees for a longer period even if sales go down to zero. We have no debt.

During this unpredictable period, we will be focusing heavily on the development side of our business. Upgrading our current products and planning new exciting aircraft instruments for the future.

As it’s a complicated situation, these plans might change, and if so, we’ll let you know. We are closely monitoring what’s going on.

We hope everyone stays safe and healthy and you keep flying with attitude.